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WHY? What's Happening for the Young

What rights do young people really have today? How can they stand up for themselves and what they believe in – at home, at school and in their community?

WHY? What's Happening for the Young is an exciting festival, inspired by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and hosted at the Southbank Centre, from the 22 – 25 October.

The festival provides an empowering forum for children, young people and adults to consider how the needs and ideas of under-18s can influence the world, and it’s an opportunity to learn about and celebrate young people's rights alongside artists, thinkers and social activists.

The festival takes place through the medium of performance, workshops, talks and debates, exploring the right to freedom of expression, play, care, safety and access to arts and culture. Get involved as you’ll be asked big questions, hear unheard stories and be inspired by positive change.

For more information and to get your tickets, click here.

To download the full brochure for WHY? What's Happening for the Young, click here.