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WHY - What's Happening for the Young?

Southbank Centre take the groundbreaking document United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as their inspiration for this festival, and ask: What’s Happening for the Young.

The document sets out the human rights of everyone under the age of 18. Its 54 articles cover issues as varied as language and health, war and adoption, work and play; Southbank Centre invite you to join them as they ask the big questions about what’s happening for the young.

What rights do children really have today? How can we inspire and equip children and adults to become champions for children’s rights, in their own homes, schools and communities and around the world?

Comprised of a range of talks, debates and activities; a timetable is available online now. They will be looking at themes including children’s rights to freedom, justice, culture, play, education, identity, family life, safety and health care.

For more information, including individual event listings, click here.