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From the 2nd - 7th September sees the much-anticipated return of Unlimited – South Bank Centre’s festival that celebrates the artistic vision and originality of disabled artists.

Join in the fun again this year, with a festival packed full of theatre, dance, music, literature, comedy and visual arts that celebrates difference with a spirit of artistic adventure, honesty and humour.

These artists continue to break boundaries, challenge taboos and drive innovation in imaginative and unexpected ways.

Here are some of our highlights:

Katherine Araniello - The Dinner Party Revisited.

In this live, unscripted, digital performance artist Katherine Araniello appears in two London venues simultaneously, creating a spectacle of chaos and disorder, exploiting and subverting clichéd expectations of disability to absolute fever pitch. Although Araniello does her utmost to control her surroundings, her outrageous guests are out to cause chaos.

Stop Gap Youth Dance Workshop

Artists from Stopgap Dance Company lead an inclusive dance workshop for both disabled and non-disabled young people aged between 11 and 25.
*Carers are welcome and encouraged to participate. Open to all abilities.

Lea Cummings - Cosmic Fields of Endless Possibilities

Cummings acts as a channel for subconscious images that take shape in an automatic, intuitive way – this work being produced in a meditative state.The drawings tap into the collective unconscious, where themes, motifs, patterns and symbols frequently found in ethnographic art produced by various disparate cultures combine, portraying a spiritual reality that underlies and transcends the physical one, and unites all living things.

Learn How To Sign, Sing And Dance To Pharrell Williams' Happy

Learn some sign language skills as you dance and sign along to Pharrell Williams’ worldwide number one hit ‘Happy’.

*All welcome, no experience required. Suitable For ages 5+


For more information, such as additional events, click here.