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Treasure hunts, code breakers and tailored tours at National Theatre

Fancy your chances as a boffin? Or want to bring out your Piratey side?

London Duck Tours host fun-packed treasure hunt and code breaking challenges, ideal for all types of team building, personal development, and company celebration!

London Duck Tours also offer pick up and drop off service and reception venue suggestions. Choose from the following tours:

James Bond Tour

Our James Bond Tour is a fun-filled trip through the capital on both road and river. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as you take in many central London locations used in the classic film series. Then never say never again as you launch into the river Bond-style alongside MI6!

Our suave character guide will lead you on an adventure-packed journey of intrigue, espionage and, of course, Ian Fleming. See where Ian Fleming lived, 'Q' worked and Bond bought his boxer shorts! Hear fascinating facts about MI5 & MI6, whisper in very soft voices about those British traitors, the Cambridge Spies and examine a dossier of top secret archive pictures relating to Bond in London.

Pirate Treasure Hunt

A land and river based voyage that takes in the landmarks of London while challenging you to solve tasks both on and off the good ship Moby Duck.

This fun-filled, entertaining treasure hunt is designed to bring out your inner pirate, encourage communication skills and above all inspire a spirit of team work. Solve the pirate-themed challenges in order to snatch the treasure from under your opponent’s noses! The only way to win is to combine your strengths and work together!

Tour duration: 2 ½ - 3 hrs

Code Breaker Challenge

Are you a closet code breaker or just breaking your heart to be a boffin? Do you need a quirky and fun code breaking challenge to liven up that landmark birthday, add sparkle to your team building or put some pazazz in your party? Well let your search end here!

It will be your challenge to work as teams of ‘incredibly brainy’ code-breaking masterminds, and using the DUKW as your boffin HQ, crack the secret code and stop our evil adversaries from stealing the tourist attractions of London.

Tour duration: 2 ½ - 3 hrs

To book, please call 0207 4010906