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Platform 6

Platform 6 offers a snapshot of London-based LGB artists including Boy George, Carl Hopgood, DNA Factory, James Tailor, Layla Lyons, Lewis Burton, Rolina Blok, Victor Ivanov, William Baker and Judy Blame.

The exhibition connects emerging and established creative talents from backgrounds as diverse as fine art, performance, sport, music and fashion. Platform 6 brings them together in an exhibition that is current, thought provoking and appeals to a wide audience.

The exhibition curated by artist and Platform 6 founder, James Tailor, was born from a frustration of how LGB art is represented today and a desire to highlight the diversity of work being produced.

Alongside the exhibition a special auction will take place where bespoke Adidas trainers designed by the artists and Platform 6 patrons will be on offer in aid of the civil rights charity Stonewall.

Speaking about the exhibition Tailor says, “There is so much more to LGB artists than simply their sexuality, however that is what many exhibitions seem to focus on, and a lot of the work itself is highly sexualised and falls into a now well-known stereotype. The Platform 6 exhibition takes LGB art out of the context of sex, and while some of the works displayed may contain nudity, the work itself deals with themes such as non-conformity, identity and vulnerability.”

* Please note that some of the work displayed will contain nudity, therefore parental discretion is advised. 

Admission to the exhibition is FREE. 

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