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Inanimate, Animate: Phoebe English

Inanimate, Animate (Only) Half the Reflection, is an exhibition of two halves. The first half is an intricate installation, displaying pieces from the most recent Phoebe English Autumn Winter 2019 Womenswear collection, unveiling a closer insight into the construction and technique of Phoebe’s design process. These pieces explore imaginative handmade textile solutions from recycled and waste materials, fabric saving methods and sustainable fabric sourcing. The collection, with its strong emphasis on sustainability sits alongside the Phoebe English marionettes. As emotive forms of display, these 30 puppets span the label’s entire archive in miniature. The delicate composition of each garment is magnified as you see it in its reduced state, provoking an introspective perspective on the garments themselves. 

 This installation allows the viewer to see in detail a complete overview of the London based label, from the very first piece to the present day, up close and en masse. The two juxtaposing compartments of this exhibition populate the Morley Gallery as an immersive experience, each room uncovering a different part of Phoebe English’s spectacular craftsmanship.

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phoebe english

61 Westminster Bridge Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7HT