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John Boorman Season

Definitely an auteur with his themes and obsessions, British director John Boorman works, most of the time, within genres that he helps to redefine and rejuvenate: the gangster story (Point Blank), the war film (Hell in the Pacific), the horror film (The Heretic), the western (The Emerald Forest), the fable (Leo the Last), science-fiction (Zardoz), the costume epic (Excalibur) etc. He is attracted to a sense of excess by the world of imagination, of dreams, of the fantastic, which sets him apart from the tradition of British realism. This season is certainly one in which to immerse yourself and explore.

Amongst the Boorman films the BFI have chosen for this season are:

Point Blank

The Newcomers

Me and Me Dad

Hell in The Pacific 

Catch Us If You Can 

Hope and Glory

The Tailor of Panama 

... and many more. 

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