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IWM Contemporary: Mike Moore and Lee Craker

This new photography exhibition contrasts the works of two pioneering photographers, presenting two striking perspectives of Iraq from 1991–2011.

From powerful images of the First Iraq War in 1991 to considered portraits of US soldiers and architectural studies of Iraqi palaces in 2011, IWM Contemporary: Mike Moore and Lee Craker examines the impact of war on the Iraqi people and the American and British troops who served there.

Mike Moore – the first press photographer to officially embed with the British Army and the first photographer to cover the First Iraq War entirely in colour – worked regularly in Iraq from 1991-2003. Lee Craker is the only US civilian photographer to be assigned Lead Photographer for the US Armed Forces Public Affairs Office and the only civilian photographer routinely allowed to work within the Green Zone.

Juxtaposing their different approaches and experiences of conflict in Iraq, IWM Contemporary: Mike Moore and Lee Craker reveals how these two photographers pushed the boundaries of modern photography.

Admission to this exhibition is FREE.

This exhibition is part of IWM Contemporary, a new programme of contemporary art and photography in response to war and conflict. For more information, click here.