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IWM Contemporary: Mahwish Chishty

See the first UK exhibition by Pakistan-born, US-based artist Mahwish Chishty at IWM London in a free exhibition running until March 2017.

Chishty’s work combines silhouettes of military drones with decorative Pakistani folk art patterns to highlight the way in which the presence of foreign drones over Pakistan has become a feature of the physical, psychological and cultural environment of the country.

Drone warfare

Inspired by a trip to Pakistan in 2011, Chishty became aware of the detailed information that was circulating locally about drone strikes, in contrast to the marked absence of information available in the United States. Struck by the pervasive and constant presence of these unmanned aircraft in Pakistan, Chishty’s designs combine symbols of violence and contemporary warfare with Pakistani artistic and cultural traditions.

By the Moonlight - Inspired by traditional folk art

The exhibition features a mixture of sculptural paintings on wood, painted drone models and works on paper. Each piece reflects Chishty’s training in traditional miniature painting and many will be painted in the style of colourful Pakistani folk art, echoing the decoration used on haulage trucks across Pakistan.

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