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Gothic: The Dark Heart of Film

This autumn, the BFI launch their longest season to date, a 4 month long celebrating of the Gothic genre. 

Gothic horror and romance tales feed on our darkest fears and desires, and conjure the creatures of the night into being. Over the coming months, the BFI’s spellbinding nationwide season lifts the lid on this dark storehouse of the imagination, which found its heart in Britain, and came to life on film.

The season is split into the four following strands: 

Monstrous - Vampires, werewolves and creatures of the night. The undead and the unhinged. Film brings the fearful monsters of our myths and legends to life.

The Dark Arts - Witchcraft and devil worship. Voodoo, the occult and mad science. Film raises demons and casts an irresistible spell.

Haunted - Ghost stories, tales of possession and psychic trauma. Spectres of the past and the troubled dead return, to haunt the screen.

Love is a Devil - Passion, secrets and mysteries to be unravelled. Obsession, fantasy and the torture of forbidden love transform our fairy tales into nightmares, creating cinema's darkest romances.

With restorations from the BFI National Archive, new publications, DVD releases, previews and the biggest names in gothic film, the BFI look forward to welcoming you to the dark heart of film.

The BFI's Gothic season runs from August 2013 to January 2014. For more information, and to book tickets, click here.