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From Tehran with Love: The Cinema of Mania Akbari

Mania Akbari first appeared in Abbas Kiarostami's 10 and has been firmly making her mark on Iranian filmmaking ever since. This July, the BFI chart her varied and vivacious career to date. 

Appearing in Kiarostami's film may have acted as a springboard for her career in filmmaking, but Akbari has undeniably carved out her own path since then. Working in Iran, Akbari defiantly faced the threats she and her fellow Iranian filmmakers were dealt by the governmental regime, continuing to persue her country's many cause célèbre such as oppression, transgression, and gender politics. 

As political tensions in Iran escalated, Akbari chose to leave her homeland behind and move to London. Upon arriving in London in 2012 she completed a film entitled From Tehran to London which will be shown as part of the season at BFI Southbank.

Mania Akbari has imagination and ideas in abundance. Watch her latest film along with other productions such as 10 + 420 Fingers, and One. Two. One throughout July. 

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