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Art of make believe: Staging Children’s Stories

Theatre is an amazing way to tell stories.

Art of Make Believe; Staging Children’s Stories is a playful exhibition aimed at families with children aged 5-14 years and exploring how children’s classic stories have been transformed into extraordinary theatre.

Author M G Leonard (Beetle Boy) has curated a fabulous mix of interactive theatrical elements using examples of past and current NT shows. The exhibition is designed by artist Jacqueline Davies.

The National Theatre has a history of staging spectacular children’s theatre, from The Wind in the Willows to His Dark Materials, from The Cat in the Hat to this year’s production of Director Sally Cookson’s wondrously inventive Peter Pan.

The exhibition offers young people the chance to operate theatre lighting, sound effects, and rigging and play with props and costumes, lifting the curtain on world-class theatre.  

Art of Make Believe: Staging Children’s Stories is in the Wolfson Gallery on the second floor of the National Theatre. Open Mon- Sat, Free.

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