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Angels Aren't Just for Christmas

Angels aren't just for Christmas but they will be in their prime between 11 and 15 December when The Crick Crack Club - London's finest programmer and promoter of performance storytelling - will once again fill Bargehouse with a Festival of Fairytales for Grown-ups.

Expect unbowlderish fairytales, through Norwegian tricksters, Finnish creation myths, irritable goddesses, wild twins riding goats and Baba Yaga to Beezlebub getting a mythic makeover and Morgana jousting across giant chessboards...audiences are invited to launch themselves into the uncharted waters of their imaginations in the hands of some truly great masters of their craft.

And that's not all, Bargehouse is a big building just crying out to be explored and this is a cross arts festival, so Crick Crack Club have taken care to find art, photography, installations, film and music to fit the theme. Trolls, angels and magicians may lurk around every corner; the Christmas carols will be provided by Transglobal Underground's TUUP and Sheema Mukherjee; there are promises of wolves on the fourth floor; a labyrinth (with a twist) in the attic; and a shrine to all gods awaiting supplicants...The sideways looking drawing salon, Art Macabre will be in residence and London Bridge's storytelling club Tailspin will move in for a week to provide additional narrative oddities.

It's bound to be a bit chilly, but the lashings of hot chocolate (with or without a tot of rum) will keep out the cold and you can always pop on another pair of socks. Despite the title it won't be exclusively for grown-ups - there will be two family shows featured over the weekend, for which 30% of tickets will be held back to be given free to local residents!

This festive season Oxo Tower Wharf truly is the place to be with designer shops, great restuarants and an extra wild streak courtesy of The Crick Crack Club.

Tickets for adults are £5. Family Shows are £3.50. 

'I want to go to everything.' - tickets are £30.

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