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Travel on MBNA Thames Clippers with your Oyster Card

MBNA Thames Clippers have recently launched Oyster card readers at all of their piers, meaning that customers can touch in and touch out with their pay as you go Oyster card.

You can now...

  • Touch in and touch out with your pay as you go Oyster card to pay for single journeys on all MBNA Thames Clippers services. Touch in as you board and touch out as you disembark. You’ll find Oyster card readers available next to boarding ramps. Make sure you have enough credit on your pay as you go Oyster card to complete your journey and that staff see you touch in, otherwise staff will ask you to touch in again.
  • Fares have changed to reflect new river zones (West, Central and East). The Standard fares have changed; Oyster and app users will save on these fares. Download full pricing PDF here. Note- these are not MBNA Thames Clippers’ current prices and will only go live when Oyster card readers launch.
  • MBNA Thames Clippers operate a buy before you travel policy. This means you must have a valid ticket or sufficient credit on your pay as you go Oyster card before you board. Tickets will not be sold on board.

MBNA Thames Clippers still offer discounts such as 1/3 off Standard fares with a Travelcard and 50% off for Freedom Pass holders and Children.

For more information about traveling with your Oyster, click here.