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Spa Social

Spa Social

Spa Social

A new socialising concept at agua Bathouse & Spa

The guys over at Mondrian are always coming up with pioneering, exciting new concepts, aren’t they? The latest in their catalogue is a brand new conception for guilt-free socialising – a spa social!

Although we all love heading down to the pub once in a while, sometimes we’d actually like to take a step back and luxuriate in a little “me-time” in more of a chilled out setting. Rather than jostling through the crowds with a sweaty tenner in your hand doing your best to keep calm as rowdy punters elbow you out the way – we suggest you head to the still, peaceful subterranean spa lounge at the Mondrian.

Far from being a stuffy, silent, run of the mill spa, agua Bathhouse & Spa want to bring an element of fun to the experience. You’ll be invited to socialise and relax in a new concept that bring people together through health, wellness and social interaction.

Drawing inspiration from the heritage and community spirit found in Roman spa culture, Spa Social is designed to be fun and relaxing - it’s health-minded socialising for London’s cosmopolitan fitness lovers and combines healthy food, mini massages and Skinny Prosecco.

Catch-up with friends to the tune of the spa’s Glamrock soundtrack as you sip your drink in the spa lounge, which features a striking floor-to-ceiling copper teardrop installation by Tom Dixon, designed to reflect Roman water vessels.

Enjoy the purifying attributes of a mudpack which can be self-applied in agua’s steam rooms and washed off underneath the heavenly rain showers. Relax and chat in the spa lounge, where the air will be infused with de Mamiel’s renowned Altitude Oil, a multi-tasking elixir which effectively clears the mind and boosts the immune system. Last but not least, be assured that you’ll be nourished from the inside out with a choice of three healthy food bowls from Sea Containers restaurant.

A perfect alternative to a night out on the tiles, and trust us you’ll feel one hundred times better the next morning!

Scheduled dates for upcoming Spa Socials are 7 January 2017 and 21 February 2017. 

For more information and to book, click here. 

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