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Our friends in Lambeth

Explore further afield in Lambeth, a diverse and vibrant area of London which continuously hosts a whole range of exciting events!

Lambeth is one of 14 local authorities which make up Inner London. Its rich history, combined with the buzz of its young and energetic residents makes for an exciting place to explore.

The name Lambeth originates from the ancient “Lambehitha”, and was originally recorded as such way back in 1062, meaning 'landing place for lambs'. Did you know that the eclectic Lower Marsh Street was actually real marshland that was drained in the 18th century?

The borough is filled with lovely green spaces to relax in, including Clapham Common, lined with cafes and restaurants, as well as Brockwell Park, the home of the Lambeth Country show. There are lots of hidden gems in the way of restaurants, shops and specialised boutiques, as well as having a wide range of cool markets with a real buzz to explore.

Check out the latest events and find out more!