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National Theatre announces Flints Theatrical Chandlers as Workshops Partner

The National Theatre today announces Flints Theatrical Chandlers, the major retailer of theatrical goods in the UK, as a Workshops Partner with the National Theatre.

As part of the partnership, Flints will provide apprentice welcome toolkits to a number of apprentices joining the NT in 2016-2017. The kits will contain craft-specific equipment to aid the apprentices with their work. This is an exciting first for the National Theatre and Flints, and there are plans to extend the partnership into subsequent years.

The NT launched its apprenticeship and trainee programme in 2012. The programme provides opportunities for people who might not otherwise have considered a career at the NT or in theatre, and helps to address issues of diversity in theatre more generally. An apprentice studies for a qualification- usually at Level 2 or Level 3- with an appropriate learning provider, and has an opportunity to put those college lessons into practice in the workplace, guided by some of the best practitioners in the country. Currently, the NT has apprentices working in a variety of departments, including Costume/Tailoring, Lighting, Prop-Making, Scenic Carpentry and Metal Fabrication, Learning Events, Wigs, Hair & Make-up, IT and Marketing.

Darren Joyce, Head of Construction at the NT, said: ‘We are delighted to welcome Flints to the NT as our Workshops Partner. The toolkits will make an enormous difference to the apprentices we have joining our departments, giving them the best start possible to a career in theatre production. Flints are equipping the creative craftspeople of the future.’

Kathryn Geraghty, Apprenticeship Manager at the NT, said: ‘Since we began our Modern Apprenticeships programme in 2012, we have been thrilled at the new talent we have brought into the NT.’

As a further part of the partnership, the NT will product test for Flints, and ‘NT approved’ products will be available in the Flints 2017 catalogue and on the Flints website. 

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