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The New Year is here, 2016 is well and truly with us. As we enter mid-January let those two week old resolutions fade into memory. Let them be filed under “well-intentioned but foolish” and allow yourself to return to the sanctuary of London theatre. No one at the theatre expects you to exercise more or drink less. They don't even expect you to talk (in fact, that's somewhat frowned upon). All you need to do is turn up. So to ease the decision making process of your addled, still hungover, food coma-ed mind, we've come up with a shortlist of the best things to see you into the New Year.

Evening at the Talk House at National Theatre

Written by Wallace Shawn, who some might know better as Diane Keaton's ex-husband in Woody Allen's peerless Manhattan, returns to the National Theatre after a 20 year absence with his new work – An Evening at the Talk House.

Described as a “deeply unsettling portrait of the 21 Century” by the Financial Times in their four star review, An Evening at the Talk House deals with one of our nations most debated and violently polarising topics – targeted bombing of distance and far away nations.

An Evening at the Talk House lurches gleefully from jovial lovie reunion to full on, surreal social commentary and, as always with the National, is a bitingly timely production.

Not the lightest start to 2016, but one of the most essential.

For more information and tickets click here.

Husbands and Sons at National Theatre

Anne Marie Duff is a special English starlet. Universally respected by her peers, audiences and critics alike. Her deft talent and theatrical ability is equalled only by her instant and easy likeability. Key characteristics to have when tackling the knotty and fierce tenderness of the work of DH Lawrence.

Husbands and Sonsplays three of Lawrence's works simultaneously. And, we admit, that sounds heavy and tiresome but in the skilful and fluid hands of Marie Duff and her team it opens out into an exquisite and unforgettable performance.

Using the ductile and flexible Dorfman Theatre to it's advantage,Husbands and Sonsis an astonishing new take and breath of fresh air into the work of DH Lawrence.

For more information and tickets click here.

The Lorax at The Old Vic

If the above options don't quite float your boat and you're looking for something altogether a little easier to digest, there is only one real option for you – diving into the world of the abundantly fun and mischievous Dr Suess.

The Lorax wears it's free range heart on it's hemp sleeve – it wants to save the planet, man. And few will be able to walk out of this wacky, colourful and hilarious musical without wanting to demand a 1000% increase on the plastic bag charge and a deep rooted insistence of equal rights for all living things, mammalian or otherwise.

The Lorax is the perfect way to start 2016 with an evergreen spring in your step.

For more information and tickets click here. 


The Masks of Familie Floez

If, however, you're one of those rare breeds of people who actually stick to their New Year's resolutions and one of your annum promises was to “learn more” then a theatrical workshop might be the one for you.

On the 30th of January join Familie Floez as they reveal in an intensive four hour workshop how use of the mask works in theatre. Find out how the mask is used from early creative development all the way through to practical use and pairing with actors.

The workshop is advertised as for drama students and acting professionals but, hey, it's 2016 – you can wing your way through anything. You're a go getter now!

For more information and tickets click here.

Happy New Year one and all. Be sure to stay in touch for our monthly top tips of what to see and London's thriving theatre scene.