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Brand New birthday packages at Shrek’s Adventure! London

Shrek’s Adventure! London are on hand to transport birthday girls and boys on an adventure to Far Far Away with the launch of its new and exciting Birthday Tours!

If your kids are fans of Shrek and his merry band of adventure seekers – (we’re talking the usual suspects here, Donkey, Puss in Boots, Princess Fiona and all the rest!) then what better treat than to take them on their own magical quest at Shrek’s Adventure! London?

Set to be the most magical and memorable birthday treat, the party will all receive a pair of ogre ears upon arrival - and the birthday boy or girl will be given a special sash.  The whole group will then embark on their adventure as they step aboard Donkey’s magical 4D bus and soar off into the London sky towards Far Far Away. 

Laughter, fun and mayhem await as guests must find their way through the magical kingdom in search of Shrek himself, encountering a whole host of characters along the way (who are sure to notice a group of little ogres wandering through their home!)

For more information and to book your tickets, click here.