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BFI London Film Festival

This year, the BFI London Film Festival celebrates its 61st year, with an exciting range of films and events which will take place at venues across the UK capital from 4 -15 October 2017.

More than 800 international and British filmmakers attended last year's festival to support their films in the programme, ranging from major global superstars and many of the world’s most established directors to new talents making their first short film.

The Festival remains committed to agenda-setting debate on the future of the film industry.This year, the film and events programme will include 243 features across 67 countries in15 cinemas over a period of 12 days. 

There will be 11 different strands to this year's festival: Love (sweet, passionate, tough – love is a complex and many splendoured thing), Debate (riveting films that amplify, scrutinise, argue and surprise), Laugh (from laugh-out-loud to dry and understated – humour in all its forms), Dare (in-your-face, up-front and arresting: films that take you out of your comfort zone), Thrill (nerve-shredders that’ll get your adrenaline pumping and keep you on the edge of your seat), Cult (from the mind-altering and unclassifiable to fantasy, sci-fi and horror), Journey (whether it’s the journey or the destination, films to transport you and shift your perspective), Create (films that channel the electricity of the creative process, celebrating artistic expression in all its forms), Family (films for the young... and young at heart), Experimenta (films and videos by artists who transform our experience of seeing moving images), and Treasures (revived and restored from the world’s archives). 

There are four different categories for competitions: The Official Competition (the Best Film Award recognises inspiring, inventive and distinctive filmmaking), the First Feature Competition (the Sutherland Award recognises the most original and imaginative directorial debut), the Documentary Competition (the Grierson Award recognises films with integrity, originality, and social or cultural significance) and the Short Film Competition (the Short Film Award recognises short form works with a unique cinematic voice and a confident handling of chosen theme and content). 

Make sure you check out the BFI London Film Festival 2017 website, where you can find more information on the festival, including events, tickets, venues and awards. You can also create an account to keep track of your booked films, things you're interested in and more. 



showing a huge selection of classic and contemporary films each year, BFI Southbank screens both new and re-releases, film seasons and director and actor retrospectives.

You can also access over 1,000 hours of films for free in the BFI Mediatheque and peruse a world-renowned library collection. 

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BFI Southbank

Belvedere Road, South Bank London SE1 8XT